Places to purchase equipment



Urban Farmer Supplies, LLC. - - The Stricklands are wonderful people who focus on Un-BEE-lievable service.  Located in Molino, they have Mann Lake equipment on hand and can order anything you might need.  Call or text me at (850) 712-6877.  

Farm and Nursery Mart - 7460 Pine Forrest Rd - (850) 944-5700.  This is a great retail shop for beekeeping equipment, varroa treatments, wood pellets for your smoker, and bee plants for your garden.  One stop shop!  Call first if you are looking for something specific.  

Mannings Feed and Seed - Over the past several years Mannings feed and seed has graciously donated equipment to our bee seminar. Please go by or call them if you are in the Pace or Milton area and need equipment.  (850) 623-2426 or visit them online at

Online Equipment Retailers

Rossman Apiaries - 

Pigeon Mountain Trading Company -

Mann Lake -

Dadant -