Swarms are a cluster of bees, at a temporary stopping point, during a period of time when the bees are trying to create a new colony. Swarms are found on objects like trees, fence posts, mailboxes, even cars. Bees are NOT aggressive during this time as they have no home or babies to protect. Swarm removal is free of charge, although a few dollars for gas is always appreciated by our beekeepers.   


Bee Removal

Bee removal is needed when the bees move into a home or structure.  At this point the new colony has made a home that then needs to be removed. This requires a lot of work and therefore is a paid service. Every situation is different. Some hives are easy to access and small. Other hives can be difficult to access and or can be quite large. The price of removal depends on these factors.  


Saving the Bees......and your home!

If you have a swarm or need bee removal please contact, Danielle at (850) 777-0087.  Danielle has a list of  beekeepers who are able to meet your needs.